Good Personism


Vol III – No. 22

‘Don’t be a dick,’ the bumper sticker reads.

‘How about you just not be an asshole?’ the hack, east coast comedian says.

‘It’s not about politics,’ the podcaster who is also a hack comedian or has-been actor says, ‘it’s about being a Good Fucking Person.’

If it were only so simple…

Jesus didn’t seem to think so. That’s right, the archetypical ‘good person’ chased people out of the temple with a whip for selling stuff. ‘There is no one righteous,’ he said, ‘not even one.’ Hippies forget this part of the bible, as does everyone else who tries to liberalize christianity.

Our culture seems to think ‘being a Good Fucking Person’ is the golden rule. As our culture rewards narcissism, it then becomes standard that everyone signal their goodness.

But most people habitually lie to themselves, especially about their own ‘goodness.’ Goodness is a state of being to them – a natural expression of possessing the correct values. If you internalize ‘correct values,’ it becomes almost impossible to view your actions objectively. You can then interpret any of your actions as ‘good’ if your ‘heart is in the right place.’

As was an important point for much deconstructionist thought, people become tyrants precisely by trying to proscribe and manage society in favor of the ‘good.’ People love ideologies that give them social clout for adhering to a few simple-minded dos and don’ts. This relieves them from having to make actual moral choices. Instead of moral choices, they get perks for following the rules, regardless of whether or not those rules lead to positive or negative long term results. As can be expected, these monkeys in tennis shoes we refer to as our fellow man make choices in favor of what makes them feel special and important now as opposed to what will yield good results in the long run.

Tyrannical entities like sovietism and western liberal democracy thrive on fear from within. In them, one betrays one’s neighbor simply for making them feel that somewhere someone is doing better (or is better) than them. Virtue signaling is a mild reaction to this. Putting people under the guillotine is the extreme reaction.

Good Fucking Personism is the dominant moral code of Hollywood celebrities. It’s vague enough that anyone who breaks a social taboo gives them an opportunity to turn the attention on themselves. Their ‘goodness’ is simply an assertion they use to bully people with less social capital, and often, far less power and influence. It is also likely an emotional auto-security mechanism to compensate for their general chameleonic lack of personality and over-represented pedophilia.

Recently, a man who tried to royally rip me off told me, ‘I’m a really good guy!’ the moment I suggested that he’d not been forthcoming with me. Predictably, he played victim and gaslighted me when I told him I didn’t care what kind of guy he was.

As a rule, I don’t trust, or at the very least, can’t take anyone seriously who refer to themselves as good people. There is something in their words they certainly don’t feel they can successfully demonstrate, otherwise they wouldn’t need to say it at all.

‘Isn’t it ironic that the people who claim to believe in tolerance are intolerant?’ the dimwit will ask, as though this were 2013.

What is ironic about a liar lying? What do you think is the first lie a liar tells?

I’ll give you a hint. He doesn’t tell you he’s a worse person than he is.

The easiest, most expedient lie, which is perfectly fitted to the gullibility of most people, is to present yourself as morally better than you are.

If you think this is a rare thing to lie about, you are more gullible than most and are more than likely wrong about most things you think. It means you do not see reality but only words. This is what liars are betting on.

But there are different kinds of liars. I have far more respect for the conman than any Good Fucking Person. A conman, at the very least, knows when to dip out before his narrative collapses. The Good Fucking Person will destroy your life for not worshipping at his feet and his pig-headed value system.

It isn’t just out and out liars who are the problem, however. It’s also the people who make a big show on social media that they bought shoes for a homeless person. These are the people who perform random acts of kindness and film it for their Instagram. These are the people who put some random black person you’ve never met next to them in their profile picture to show support for BLM. All of this is like ringing a bell – ‘Look! Look!’

This isn’t ‘good’ for the person being acted upon. It’s humiliating to have your meth-money turned into a documentary depicting the enduring moral righteousness of some 23 year old chick in nursing school. It’s humiliating to be turned into a black friend puppet for some self-hating white douchebag.

But do these people care that they are making their subjects pay in humiliation? It doesn’t even cross their mind, because the other person was never important to them.

I wouldn’t have minded if you were to tell me you didn’t care about other people. At least then I would have known where we stood. But you keep trying to insist that you’re good and that I should be more like you – not accepting culpability for the negative effects of my actions, that is, of course, until the convenient day comes when I can be held culpable for yours, which is usually the unspoken end game of ‘good people,’ even when they don’t admit it to themselves.