Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn


Vol III – No. 21

Chaos and order exist within one another. Separating them is a confusion of the human mind, which intuites them distinctly even if it can be established logically how patterns rely on wider probability fields while wider probability fields are almost certain to rely on outer planes of order.

Both are necessary parts of the universe which make it beautiful and worth living in, even if it comes at a cost and can be frightening at times.

Much of my problem with conspiracy-thinking is that it underestimates the role of chaos and randomness in certain events and too rigidly looks for acts of covert proscription and manipulation in others.

Two things can be true at the same time: police brutality can be disturbing and it can be a stupid idea to want to defund the police and replace them with meddling social workers.

Black lives can matter and the lives of police can matter.

Forests can burn on their own and they can be lit on fire by people. Furthermore, people can light them on fire by accident and they can light them on fire on purpose.

Whether they happen on accident or on purpose, you can be sure that the events will be immediately politicized by people who, in their narcissism, set to work instantly interpreting events around them in a way which will make themselves look good without having to actually do anything good, always at the expense of a scapegoat. Such is the case with a recent wildfire in California.

“As the pyrotechnic device ignited, so did the dry wild grasses that had grown as tall as four feet in the meadow at El Dorado Ranch Park, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, Cal Fire said in a statement Sunday.

As of Monday night, the barely contained fire had grown into a monster that has already burned through nearly 10,000 acres and forced more than 20,000 people to evacuate.

The misguided “gender-reveal” stunt is not the first to spark a costly conflagration. A similar antic in 2017 started a 47,000-acre wildfire in the foothills of southern Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountains. Last year, another gender-reveal gimmick set off a brush fire in Florida. Gender-reveal parties have caused a plane crash and last year one killed a grandmother when she was struck with shrapnel after a family unintentionally created a pipe bomb while attempting a colorful explosion to announce the sex of their unborn child.” [1]

As can be expected, it’s never enough to make specific people accountable for harmful behaviors. The mob, usually far more dangerous than the government, wants blood. But as the desire to punish is strong in them, they don’t lynch one person but a symbol or an abstract idea. The media makes money from this tendency by exploiting it – what makes for the most powerful meme wins. The problem is then not fire, but cisgender people – in other words, a vast majority of regular people. The media gets people to believe it has their best interests in mind when really it’s just selling them back their own prejudices. Meanwhile, fires spread, normal people keep having children and fight mindless culture battles against insane intersectional brigades and no one cares about the root of the problem.

In the case of the recent northwest fires, I personally saw a few different things taking place at once: dry weather, dry foliage, high temperatures and strong winds. This is a perfect recipe for wildfires.

However, it is also a perfect opportunity for people who want to optimize for maximum destruction, which you might call terrorism. I happen to know people in rural areas who caught people trying to set fire to their properties. People were also imitating police officers, telling people to evacuate and attempting to loot.

Only after I learned of this did I start hearing that people around the country were laughing this off and deriding it as conspiracy theory, falling all over themselves to defend Antifa even where Antifa was not mentioned (which is always very telling). This pattern is common: a mob does something heinous, a pet of the Left is immediately defended and the Right gets riled up and doubles down on the idea that it must have been whoever the Left is defending. A ‘conspiracy theory’ is created and people stop caring about the details and the whole context as they always do.

The details it might be easy to dismiss in this case are the following: as it is perfect weather for wildfires, it could just be that a few opprtunists were trying to take advantage of the evacuations. Police and emergency personnel are pretty tied up with COVID and all the civil unrest, so people might resort to wild west style thuggery.

Or, given the quickness of the dismissal of such events by leftist social media, the red-herring defence of Antifa – who we are constantly reminded don’t exist but also haven’t done anything wrong – and the mob-like following suit with the narrative, it could also be that these looting and arson events are targetted endeavors by groups who, somewhere down the line or even through back channels, are being supported and funded by entities who have a vested interest in sowing civil unrest in the country and destabilizing the economy.

The important thing to note here, to harken back to the beginning of this article, is that even if this is an example of a highly targetted series of arsons, there is a sense of chaos that is trying to be harnessed. Whether it is state powers, shady entities with a lot of money and influence or just a group of political activists, the forces they are trying to tap into are largely out of their control. I mean this in a quite literal sense, as far as fire goes, as well as a more abstract sense, in that the power they are trying to wield is ultimately beyond them.

If there is something ultimately to take away, it’s that the view of power as a top-down form of control is not sustainable. This creates polar tensions in the universe and one can see it play out in what you might think of as ‘entropy.’ A mob can only be pointed at a target for so long before they start destroying everything.

Some men want control and some just want to destroy everything. These two types of men will always be battling it out at the expense of everyone else and often slaughter each other.

Then there are some us of who appreciate that reality is harsh and that both of these men exist but that we do not owe either of them anything. The only thing we owe anything to is reality, in which order and chaos are always collapsing into one another, the one revealing and making space for the other in endless cycles and integrations.

The more we understand this, the less we create imbalance by over-estimating the role of control and fomenting resentment and destruction.

Lao Tzu said to be like water. Heraclitus said that everything is fire. The trick is to bathe in one and dance in the other.


1 “A gender-reveal stunt sparked a California wildfire that has forced 21,000 people to evacuate” – The Washington Post